Rietveld Pavilion

Frederik Roeskestraat 96, 1076ED Amsterdam



The Rietveld Pavilion is a work space in a glass structure situated in front of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie. It is managed by Stefanie Rau (Critical Studies, Sandberg Instituut) and Marie Larsen (VaV, Gerrit Rietveld Academie). Continuing Kristine Nørgaard Andersen’s work in the Pavilion (2015-2016), Stefanie and Marie are now working on the project as a collaborative investigation of site-specific process-based projects. Their interest revolves around the unimagined results of projects that are given time and space to evolve, change and materialise in an open environment. The already existing conditions of the space have been altered and stretched in order to allow experiments, growth and further reflections. With a focus on sharing thoughts and processes they are looking for new ways of thinking about exhibiting within and outside the institution of the academy.
Contact: pavilion@rietveldacademie.nl

Graphic design: Sophie Rentien Lando and Alice Dhinaut.
Typeface: Mercator by Dick Dooijes and Laurenz Brunner.

Friday, March 3th


Oliver Barstow,
Ad van der Koog

Friday, March 3

Schedule of broadcasts

11:00 passage du Bourg l’Abbé (duration: 3’46)

11:30 passage Brady (duration: 2’40)

12:00 passage du Caire (duration: 3’09)

12:30 passage Choiseul (duration: 2’58)

13:00 galerie Colbert (duration: 4’01)

13:30 passage du Grand Cerf (duration: 3’52)

14:00 passage Jouffroy (duration: 5’21)

14:30 passage des Panoramas (duration: 4’56)

15:00 passage du Ponceau (duration: 4’17)

15:30 passage du Prado (duration: 4’27)

16:00 passage des Princes (duration: 3’06)

16:30 passage Puteaux (duration: 5’15)

17:00 passage Verdeau (duration: 2’03)

17:30 galerie Véro Dodat (duration: 6’20)

18:00 galerie Vivienne (duration: 2’27)

Bourg l’Abbé, Brady, Caire, Choiseul, Colbert, Grand Cerf, Jouffroy, Panoramas, Ponceau, Prado, Princes, Puteaux, Verdeau, Véro Dodat and Vivienne are the names of fifteen covered passages in Paris. Sounds and images from these arcades were the starting point for a project by Oliver Barstow (Materialisation in Art and Design) and Ad van der Koog (Critical Studies). For fifteen weeks, every Sunday evening, recordings from these passages were broadcast on an analog FM transmitter, accompanied by images and texts. After the broadcasts the original recordings were deleted.

A next step of this project will be presented on March 3rd in the Rietveld Pavilion from 11 AM to 18 PM. Sounds from the fifteen passages will be broadcast live from Paris to Amsterdam.